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Estimated Delivery Time

Estimated Delivery Time

Country/Region Processing time Shipping Time
United States 1-5 business days  7-15 Business days
Canada 1-5 business days 7-18 Business days
Australia 1-5 business days 7-15 Business days
Europe 1-5 business days 7-18 Business days
Rest of World 1-5 business days 7-18 Business days


Standard Shipping: 7-15 business days of shipping time, for remote areas, it may take up to 20 business days of shipping time.

Please Note : Due to COVID-19, we have closed the Express Shipping Service due to longer delivery time. And the delivery time of Postal Shipping is also affected and will be delayed for about a week, sorry for the inconvenience casued.

Shipping Fee

Standard Shipping (7-15 Business days).  USD $7.5+

Free shipping on orders over $89+ USD